Wolfville Magic Winery Bus 2017

Visitor assessment of experiences at Nova Scotia Wineries they visit via the WOLFVILLE MAGIC WINERY BUS in 2017.

 The Project

The project will lead to a greater understanding of how visitors assess their experiences at Nova Scotia Wineries and the economic impact of the WOLFVILLE MAGIC WINERY BUS on the local community. The results, in turn, will assist with both product development and communciation with customers. Moreover, the findings will prove useful to the industry as a whole as it seeks to open new markets for its offerings.

This research is being undertaken by Dr. Donna Sears and Dr. Terrance Weatherbee (F.C. Manning School of Business, Acadia University) with support from WOLFVILLE MAGIC WINERY BUS.

Benefits of the Project

Wineries and grape growers (existing and future) will benefit from a better knowledge of current and potential customers. This knowledge will enhance product development (through understanding consumer preferences) and minimize opportunity costs involved in creating experiences that do not appeal to consumer tastes. Consequently, business plans and outcomes will be stronger.

In turn, this knowledge will benefit rural economies in the grape growing and wine making regions of the province through the success of these businesses. Further, increased awareness is likely to reuslt in more visits to wineries, and thus sales, since research shows that those who visit wineries usually make a purchase. An increase in visits to a region will benefit all tourism-related businesses, from hospitality industry to tour operators and others.

A further objective of this study is to understand visitor assessment of the WOLFVILLE MAGIC WINERY BUS experience and to estimate the economic impact of this tourism initiative.

Participating in this online survey will take about 12-15 minutes. The survey will ask for your opinion about you visits to wineries on the WOLFVILLE MAGIC WINERY BUS route and the wines you have tasted, as well as your behaviours in relation to wine and any purchases you may have made. You are asked to respond as completely and honestly as possible. There are no right or wrong answers, we are simply looking for an accurate assessment of your behaviour and opinons. You may decline to answer any question.

There are 47 questions in this survey.